Where can I download a missing header file?

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This item was added on: 2003/01/28

This one seems to bother a lot of people.

You can't just get the header file. A header file is just a pointer to the .lib. Have you ever looked in a header? Not much actual code going on in there is there? It's just all #define THISTHING and extern _SOMEWEIRDCOLLECTIONOFLETTERS. So, you say, "Can i have the lib too?" Sadly, no. Its copyrighted. Dont you just hate that? And chances are that if you don't have the library already, it wont work with your compiler.


Not any good ones. Any functions that are found in the header you're looking for will probably be available to you with your own headers. It may not be exactly the same but most functions are pretty universal. I'm afraid you'll have to search your help and include files. But we're all pretty used to that by now. (If files could get worn out, my help file would be a hole in the floor.)

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