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This item was added on: 2003/01/26

This list is neither exhaustive nor intended to endorse any particular compiler, integrated development environment (IDE) or editor.'s Own Compiler Pages

  • What is a compiler?

  • Step-by-step guide to setting up a compiler, Code::Blocks

    Free Compilers (windows)

  • Borland bcc 5.5 Command line Tools
    Borland have made v5 of their compiler and tools available for free (simple registration required). These are command line tools - there is no IDE with them although other editors or IDEs may be adapted to use them.
    Details on configuring the command line tools can be found here.

  • Digital Mars
    Compiler and a limited set of tools can be downloaded and used free of charge. For a small fee the remaining tools and an IDE can be purchased.

    This is primarily a DOS compiler.

  • Lcc-Win32
    This is a C only compiler. It comes complete with a good IDE and extensive documentation. If you intend to develop software for sale or use it in a business capacity then you must purchase a professional licence, otherwise its download and use are free.

  • MinGW (Minimalist GNU Windows)
    This is an open source port of the GNU gcc compiler and tools for windows. Although these are command line tools there are many IDE's/editors which are available and easily configured to use MinGW.

  • Microsoft Visual C++.NET Standard c++ compiler standard (cl.exe) is downloadable as part of the platform sdk and .NET updates from microsoft. There is no IDE or c++ standard template library. A configuration how-to can be found here:

  • Open Watcom
    This is a complete, open source compiler and IDE system.

  • Pelles C
    Free 'C' compiler based on lcc-win32.

    Non-Free Compilers:

  • Borland C++ Builder 6
    A trial version of the enterprise version of Borland C++ Builder is available for download:
    A personal version of Borland C++ Builder 6 is also available:

  • Intel Compiler
    A 30 day evaluation version is available for download from:

  • Metrowerks CodeWarrior:
    A 30 day evaluation version (requires registration) is available for download:

  • Microsoft Visual C++.NET Standard 2003
    Compiler, IDE and MSDN help.

    Editors & IDEs

  • DevCpp
    This is a very popular, open source (delphi) IDE for MinGW. Although DevCpp v5 is currently beta, it is still much more stable and feature rich than the original v4.

  • Jens File Editor
    Doubles as an IDE text editor. Includes c++ class and c/c++ function viewer.

  • Relo
    An open source ide for bcc 5.5 command line tools and MinGW.

  • SciTE
    An open source text/source code editor for windows and X. Note that it can be configured as an IDE for Borland's free command line tools.

  • TextPad

  • UltraEdit

  • VIDE
    An open source IDE for both MinGW and Borland's free command line tools.

  • vim

  • Visual-MinGW
    Currently in alpha development, Visual-MinGW is a 'minimalist', open source IDE for MinGW built using MinGW.

    Thanks goes to Ken Fitlike for providing this list.

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